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Constitutional Law Experts

Firm, Reasonable Advocacy

Who We Are 

Legacy Constitutional Law tirelessly advocates for those who suffer threats to their rights. If Legacy Constitutional Law is in your corner, you can expect a vigorous and thorough defence of your rights, with the help of lawyers all across the country. 


Legacy Constitutional Law, formerly Crosson Constitutional Law, has litigated constitutional freedoms across the country,  in 13  jurisdictions and levels of court to date. We will defend you with discretion and dignity. We offer a full and robust defence on constitutional and human rights issues all across Canada.



Our firm bases its practice on honesty and integrity, as well as hard work and teamwork. We pride ourselves on

being frank with clients, giving them honest opinions and reasonable options. As a leader across the country on issues in relation

to Charter and human rights, Legacy Constitutional Law will defend you with thoroughness and diligence, cooperating with

you to assert your rights and to find solutions, in and out of court.



Note that we are not employment lawyers, and do not practice in criminal or family law.

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