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Crosson Constitutional Law has extensive experience on defending rights and freedoms, having defended individuals and groups all across Canada on Charter, and human rights issues. Crosson Constitutional Law has represented many individuals and groups in and out of court. We have taken on some of the most thought provoking cases in Canada and defended with vigour,

thoroughness, and discretion. 

Whether it is a threat from municipal or federal government or a matter under human rights legislation, Crosson Constitutional Law is the one to call if your rights are threatened.

The Supreme Court Building in Ottawa, On


Crosson Constitutional Law has represented numerous clients across Canada, in court and out, on their Charter rights to freedom of expression and religion, as well as on other threats to their Charter rights. We have conducted litigation in thirteen jurisdictions and levels of court, including to date at four courts of appeal.


Crosson Constitutional Law has represented clients across Canada on discrimination cases. If you believe you have been discriminated against, contact us.

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